Perth's Biggest and Best Ice Skating Rink

Stick 'n' Puck Sessions

Age Requirement:

For skaters aged 5+,

Skill Level:

Ideal for those enrolled in a program wishing to practice skills, experienced players, or recreational players wanting some ice time to hit a puck around.

Required gear:

Helmet, shins, skates, gloves and a stick are required. IMPORTANT: Players not wearing the above items will be asked to leave the ice, as it exposes them to risk and injury.

Skating, stick handling, passing, shooting: practice what you like at our Stick 'n' Puck Sessions!

Our Stick 'n' Puck sessions are the perfect way for you to practice what you have learnt in a lesson, refine your skills, or just come and hit a few pucks around!

These sessions are put aside purely for you to come and have a hit of a puck, and are only $25 per session, payable at reception. Practice passes are also available, which entitle the holder to unlimited Stick 'n' Puck session access and Public Session access for the chosen length of time.

Ice Hockey Practice passes DO NOT cover scrimmages.

If you plan on attending Stick 'n' Puck sessions twice or more per week, purchasing a pass will be more economical than paying $25 per entry.

Please note the early morning sessions on Monday and Friday require a pass to get into the building.

Players from all rinks/clubs are welcome.

$25 per session
$175 for a 30 day pass*
$450 for a 90 day pass*
$800 for a 180 day pass*
$1500 for a 365 day pass*

*Passes include public session skating as well

What you get:

• uninterrupted ice time put aside
  just for hockey practise.
• minimum session time is 75 minutes.
• no public, no coaches, no drills.
  Practice what you like
  in your own time
• Goals and training aids provided

• Pucks provided